USA, falsifications and voting deaths: this is why Trump is still in the game


Interview of Dr. Paltrinieri RF about Election ballot counting.

The strange case of the voting dead and the fatal software error. What are the news on electoral anomalies?

Former boxing heavyweight champion Joe Frazier voted in the 2018 election. But he died on 11/7/2011. Will Smith's grandfather voted in 2018, too bad he died in 2016. Like them, the 14,000 deceased voters found in Michigan's Wayne County? What is opening now, in America, is a real "Election gate". That everything ends up in the hands of the Supreme Court is now certain.

At the moment there are more than 19,000 appeals from the GOP room for the so-called electoral fraud in the challenge between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. "The US elections are far from over," said former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, one of the super lawyers Donald Trump has lined up alongside Jay Sekulow, or former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Sidney Powell, attorney to former National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn. But at the center of the investigation for the so-called Election Gate there is not only Joseph Biden. There are the mainstream American media and the investigation starts from Capitol Hill. On the streets there were lines of Americans in cars, like those who created a 60 km queue in Nevada to go to demonstrate in Phoenix. At stake, wherever it "leans", is the meaning of the word democracy. And when democracy is at stake, America becomes compact. This time he did it in five days. "The fraudulent modality of altering the votes was systemic, that is, it occurred in ten states - Giuliani told Fox News's Maria Bartiromo, saying that" the elections are far from over ". But what is captivating is the popular mobilization for the compact support of the media in the Dem cause and for the way in which the news was given. We asked Flavio Robert Paltrinieri, Republican of Florida and leader of Noi di Centro for a comment.

The strange case of the dead who vote and the fatal error of software.

Some news, like that of the 14,000 deceased who would vote in Michigan, Wayne County, went around the planet. "But there are also the software" fatal errors "that every 1,000 votes attributed to Trump, got 300, caught by an acute observer (the official who checks the regularity of the procedures at the polling stations). Or the 10,000 double votes in Oklahoma ". It appears that observers in Republican seats have been prevented from inspecting votes by post. "Virginia was assigned to Biden with a count of 20% and during the opening of the polls, this obviously affected the voters who had not yet expressed their opinion. They used Fox as an agent provocateur but America is not Italy, you can find people at your door. An investigation has been opened against the TV and newspaper cartel starring CNN, ABC, because it was clear that the strategy to win started with a media team that for a year mounted the Blue Wave ".

The Dems "miracle" of 4 in the morning

As the great journalist Correia pointed out in an editorial, Americans went to sleep with Trump who seemed to prevail and woke up with Biden outclassing him. But some data, like 98.4 percent (in a single stream of votes) in favor of Biden in Wisconsin, are beyond any statistical evidence. Correia calls it the miracle of 4 in the morning and highlights the strange phenomenon of 200% of the votes that is obtained in some districts, going to the sources of the statistical data. The bomb went off when Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona all turned blue in a plebiscite and sudden way. "From the first moments until the middle of Election Day Trump was in the lead and took more votes than the previous election where he had won with 67 million". Suspicious cases such as Trump's 0 votes and the 650,000 plebiscite votes attributed to Biden in Georgia, a state where the Dems have never triumphed, have revealed the legitimacy of the suspicion. "In Pennsylvania, nearly 150,000 votes were found with no document certification. The state Supreme Court that asked for segregation after 3 and now it goes to the recount. In North Carolina Trump actually leads (without illegal votes) 400,000 votes, Nevada has always been a republican and 39,000 non-Nevada residents have voted here! " Paltrinieri, in Florida on crucial days, says that "at the end of the 24 hours after Election day, Trump was overwhelmingly in the lead. While on the east coast the polls were closed, in the Midwest they were wide open, but the TVs were unfairly and without any possible basis for calculation, Biden overwhelmingly in the lead. Do you know what happens in that case? Midwest voters, seeing a predictable ending, sit in the saloon drinking beer, the other one has already won. Instead, in the various counties there was a head to head that saw the President firmly ahead ".

What are the news on electoral anomalies?

"One of the best investigative journalists James Okeef interviewed and posted a video of a UPS operator who was forced to forge stamps on ballot envelopes in Pennsylvania to validate them. And political expert Trish Regan recently tweeted that the Pennsylvania court allowed the ballots to arrive after Election day and with no evidence that they had been mailed before the fateful day. Then began the illegal expulsions of Republican polling observers in Detroit and Wisconsin, while in Nevada more than 3,000 non-resident citizens voted (which is illegal), many seniors denounced that they had voted red, and were then rated blue. In Texas, Biden's campaign manager was investigated by the FBI for illegally collecting votes, while the same FBI raided the Pennsylvania headquarters to find out what was happening, noting that 14,000 dead had voted for Biden. In the Washington DC district, Trump took 5.6% and Biden 93%. In other words, the Republicans who live there, according to the ballot, would have voted Democrat ... ... Clearer than that ".

Is it true that Wall Street votes Democrat?

"As specified yesterday and also reiterated by the president of the American chamber of commerce in Italy Luca Arnaboldi, if the Dems win, the stock market could even collapse. In America there is the OTC market, Over The Counter, where companies that do not have the requisites to enter regulated ones are listed, even a shop can be listed. Trump has lowered the taxes of the so-called pink companies by 50% and in doing so has favored thousands of jobs. Some indices are clear, whenever Trump was firmly in the lead, the Chinese currency plummeted, only to miraculously recover value when the fake Blue Wave restored parity. Many stock market analysts view the change with terror, the stock market would plummet if the Dems were plenipotentiaries. This is a sign that Wall Street doesn't want Biden either. The frauds of all kinds by the Dems make it clear that the plan is bigger and belongs to the globalist aims of some imposing and transnational lobbies, which see Trump as enemy number 1 and a barrier that still today would seem insurmountable. Let's not forget that before Covid unemployment was 2.1%, a very low figure. That Trump has blown the economy is a full-blown fact.

You say Trump will stay in the White house. How?

"The Dems have always had a very organized presence on the territory with capillary systems. Hence the emergence of incredible comebacks, where Trump did not take a vote for hours. But despite everything Trump on the night of the 4th, he still won. Then the third phase of the plan was put in place, the one that in my opinion will make him stay in the White House. The Dems believed they could carry out all sorts of oppression against democracy, falsifying and duplicating votes, convincing US postal operators to falsify the date of votes, packaged after 3. But they did the math without the American people, who take sides. . The Latinos, portrayed as sworn enemies of Trump, for the question of the wall with Mexico (told in Italy in a shameful and completely misleading way), at the news of Trump winner in Florida, staged peaceful and spontaneous marches with cars and all kinds of written in praise of Trump. In the US it is said that if the Republicans field Rudolf Giuliani during an election, "we have a story to tell"; it means that there is something true to discover and report. As soon as the great lawyer, perhaps the best, went with a powerful team of colleagues to the Rust Belt, the rumors of fraud went wild, while Conway in the Midwest did the same. When the news came out that Biden had outclassed Obama in the number of votes (which is highly unlikely, Obama was black and got votes that aren't there now) it was well understood that something was wrong. The Dems had planned to gain control of the House, Senate and Presidency. Which deprives America of the natural democratic balance between powers. It is called a coup d'état ".

The latest updates

According to the latest data, in Pennsylvania now the gap would have closed and Trump would be given the winner 85% of the probability, not counting the segregated votes. In Arizona, the probability that Trump will remain in the saddle is 58%. Wisconsin goes to recount. In Michigan, without the "fatal error" of software in 47 countries, Trump leads at 2.6%, Georgia goes to recount and according to Giuliani there would be a total of 10 states where fraud has distorted the ranking. The latest sensational Breaking news is that AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador), President of Mexico, has made it clear that he does not recognize Biden as President. He declared "it is too early to tell, the elections will still be long". But weren't the Mexicans sworn enemies of Trump?

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