By connecting the dots, the situation is dramatic, with the most powerful nation in the the world wants to wipe out every other race from the earth and enslave us.

Today I face a topic that I never wanted to write. The reader should close their eyes and think about the terrible moment when they told you "the earth will disappear in two months". The emptiness of inescapable anguish is a bit what I feel and, even knowing that today's geo-politics offers few joys, I didn't think we were at this point. Because we are facing the greatest threat that the civilized world has ever experienced and it is time to stop turning around and be afraid to name it: it is called CHINA.
When we talk about Transactional Elite and Deep State thinking of generic unknown and obscure Lobbies that move the destinies of the World, in reality, we are referring to the Chinese imperialist strategy for race supremacy.
The former Celestial Empire since 1978 has meticulously fielded a global war, with the rest of the world, for the supremacy of the Chinese race. With its formidable long-term programming ability and contempt for human life in the Christian sense of the term, China is the closest thing to that historical abomination that was Adolf Hitler's concept of the Aryan race. With the difference that the Chinese do not have a specific racial enemy: they hate everyone. We are all their enemies and potential slaves: blacks, whites, Hong Kongers, mestizos, Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, etc.
In the last 40 years the world, in that collective hysteria called "globalism", has given China whole pieces of Western civilization, production techniques and industrial systems. And now, that the Chinese imperialist plan becomes known even to the less attentive citizens, the last bastion of the free world is in danger of falling: I am talking about Trump's America.
Thanks to the coup de grace inflicted with COVID19, even the consolidated balances in the USA have been blown and Biden, a puppet in the hands of the Chinese, risks winning and becoming the first puppet president in American history.
There are dots to connect (this is the part that journalists, economists and politicians can do) but, if they join together, the picture that emerges is distressing. We begin to join the dots, without shame and fear.

Trump's America remains and the attempt to unite Israel and the Middle East (with Iran interested) to protect us from the imperialist fury of the Chinese

1) The war that China is fighting is based on the debt strategy. Through the fault of President Obama and his predecessors, US federal public debt was sold to the Chinese for $ 1.3 trillion. This led President Trump, during his tenure, to face the Chinese government's attempt to devalue the dollar through a sudden sell-off of $ 0.4 trillion in dumped federal debt. At that attempt he opposed strong Japan which reconfirmed its commitment to increase its share of US public debt with the new prime minister Yoshihide Suga, averting the danger.
Furthermore, the excellent conditions of the American economy and its stock exchanges in the pre-COVID era have made the Chinese strategy of strangling America fail. So that, mysteriously and / or artfully, in August 2019, a mysterious virus began to circulate (probably created in Chinese laboratories and tested on the Whuan population, before being exported) that is causing the collapse of the economies of the whole planet, including the USA.
This put Biden, a great friend of Xi Jinping's back on track, and put the entire numerary of Trump's protectionist laws on his knees.

Goldoni Two-Wheel Tractors. Yet another Italian industry victim of Chinese reverse engineering.

2) On the European side, Germans escluded, the Chinese empire is shopping for public debt and companies, adopting the strategy of reverse engineering, to impoverish the already run-down industrial system.
European policies are pro-Chinese, especially the Italian one. In Italy they have just purchased (in 2020) the Port of Taranto and Goldoni Tractors, which are added to the dozens of acquisitions already completed in previous years such as the Dalla Pietà shipyards. These are acquisitions of strategic companies to which the Government could oppose the right of veto conferred on it by the legislation on Golden share, the unions demonstrate or denounce, the Magistrates intervene, as they do with diligence on any minimal matter concerning public and private life with "the opening of trials". None of this.
The Italian productive jewels are purchased by rich Chinese investment funds, the industrial and management secrets studied for a few months, after which the factories closed, the Italian technicians and workers fired and the production apparatus transferred to China, in institutional silence.
This mechanism has been deployed for years in the mass disinformation and connivance between the Italian Deep State and China.

The Chinese Ghost Cities, as in Sci-Fi, waiting for the colonization of Africa..

3) In Africa the Chinese strategy is on the verge of no return. The huge and threatening Chinese Ghost Cities (deserted ghost towns destined for the Chinese) and the enormous amount of public debt owned by China places local governments in a condition of subjection and are managed as over the counter commodity. In the background the new markets and mining exploitation, which on the one hand makes Chinese companies burst with health and on the other hand impoverishes the industrial systems of the so-called advanced countries.
The mining of cobalt in Africa is all in the hands of the Chinese and if you think that the batteries of the electric cars that will clean the world of CO2 are made with cobalt it is easy to understand that the whole next car market will be hostage to the will of China. , like any market that asks for efficient batteries.
Same thing on the consumer front: their companies buy western manufactures with choke prices, resell the product in new markets and close the direct channel by imposing a mix of European-Chinese products on African countries, which take advantage of the branding of well-known world brands. .

Every month container with black cash, reaches China from USA and Europe

4) The Chinese Communist ideology has as its purpose the destruction of every ethnic group other than the yellow one and the story assumed inspires every conquest of new territories. In fact, China discourages marriages with different races and mixed marriages are rare also in Italy.
The Chinese empire organizes itself on every foreign territory as a colony of aliens would. They land in a country and I start buying small shops, game rooms, tobacconists, bars, clubs, discos, massage centers, hairdressers, where only Chinese work and customers pay, above all, in cash. The huge mass of hard cash, produced by Chinese companies in the foreign territory, is placed in containers and sent to China. Very little remains in circulation or is paid into local banks to fuel the economy of the colonized country.
Then they move on to buying real estate where they are located and expanded throughout the nation. Each Chinese production chain abroad has its own boss and must behave according to the orders of the central government: an efficient martial organization.
Huge quantities of Chinese, for years pure and ready, as in ancient times, to act and take the supremacy of entire territories. While we, asleep, are happy to change the glass on the mobile phone for a few euros.

The famous slap of Pope Francis to a Chinese Christian who asked to be heard for the thousands of Christians murdered in China

5) The secret agreements between the Vatican and China (as Ernesto Galli della Loggia also stigmatizes today in the Corriere della Sera) have the flavor of an unconditional surrender also of the Church.
Behind the millennial theme, dear to the Jesuits and to Pope Bergoglio, of evangelization of non-European continents, there is no dialogue but the control of the Chinese also of Vatican policies.
Is it really believed in the Holy See that a government like the Chinese one is willing to ensure freedom of worship in China? If this were the case, a pastoral trip by the Pope to China would be envisaged where last year thousands of Christians died of violent death and torture and this year too things have not changed.
This week the Pope refused to meet the US secretary of state visiting Rome but blessed the agreements with Beijing!
It is difficult to understand what the actual ecumenical interest behind these agreements is, while a brutal and devastating question of money that the Vatican needs seems obvious: in the background Argentina and the aid to that wretched people that China has promised the Pope.
A very strong connection emerges between Pope Bergoglio's Deep Church and the new world order of which China is the main actor and financier.

Candidate Dems Biden, puppet of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

6) Who then defends the free world? Trump, certainly, is the very isolated Israel together with the Middle East. It was the deep knowledge of the yellow risk that united the forces of Israel and the United Arab Emirates, in the recent trade and political normalization agreements. Added to this are the ongoing dialogues in Oman for a new US-Iran-Middle-East relationship and Israel, which would be the second economic pole that cannot be blackmailed by the Chinese.
Trump was organizing a set up of huge investments in the US by sovereign funds, before the COVID epidemic, which is why the virulence of COVID has worsened in the US and against the re-election of the President accused daily of not having been able to manage the epidemic.
As Tom Norris says, it is not clear whether the system that governed the racial events of "Black Lives Matter" is spontaneous or induced: after all, those who have not prosecuted the criminal cops by blowing up the protest used against Trump in the election campaign, are Democratic Governors. Minnesota has a Democratic Governor, Tim Waltz, and the Federal Government can do nothing about the state in which poor Floyd died. Nonetheless, it made it appear that it was all Trump's fault. It is also useful to know that the number of African-Americans killed by the police in the US has not increased at all under the Trump presidency, accused by the Black Lives Matter movement and by Antifa of fomenting hatred. An unjust and instrumental accusation against the President who is a full mandate has not promoted any war: something that has never happened for centuries.
Do you think it is difficult to organize and detonate racial protests to guide public opinion? It is not and it is likely that this is the case because it is enough to read the study "" Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings of the American Public Science Association, to see that the whites and blacks killed by the American police are equal. 

The Black Lives Matter theory is pure political exploitation of American Democrats under Chinese order.
Trump must be stopped and the Chinese have no qualms about it.

The Chinese threat to the world is now out in the open

If the 6 points mentioned above are combined, there is no need to be happy: on November 3rd in America, the game of the Free World will be played against the Chinese imperialist hegemony.
If the free world, that is, America, falls we will have to prepare for the Resistance and the topics we will have to face will be very different.

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