9 - 11 - 2020


Today is September 11, 2020. 19 years ago, one of the greatest tragedies that hit the USA took place. I take the liberty of saying that observing the dead, who came from all over, hit the whole world.
I do not want and as always I make a small knot in the virtual handkerchief, that the memory fades.
I was far from NYC, but at that moment, when I saw that horror in front of the TV in a coffee shop, I became a member of the NYC community.
Those 3,000 lives wiped out are here to remind us that dialogue and balance are the way, but that we cannot, we must never bow our heads to fanaticism. People react when someone is trying to steal their identity.
Now making a parallel, between my American side and the Italian one, I say that Italy is risking its September 11th. If we do not do something immediately, with different but more lethal weapons, the identity of the Italian people will be torn apart forever. Italians, Wake Up, please!
God Bless America and Italy.